Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

All our users are encouraged to read the terms of use carefully before placing an order. If you place an order with Hercules Nutrition, you agree that you:

  1. Are least 18 years old if in Europe or 21 years old if you are a resident of the US
  2. Will use the site only for commercial, personal, or educational reasons, keeping all your information regarding our services discrete, and avoid sharing your account details with anyone.
  3. Do not intend to use the information available on this site to harm anyone and will use the SARMS for commercial purposes only.
  4. Will communicate with the team of Hercules Nutrition politely and appropriately
  5. Are aware of the potential SARMS side effects

Related To Shipment

Here’s what you should know about our shipment policy.

  1. We use regular mail to ship the items across in UK and Europe.
  2. It takes around one to five days for the order to be dispatched once the payment has been verified.
  3. You will get your parcel within 3-4 working days.
  4. Reach out to our customer support team if you don’t receive your parcel in 7 working days. Sometimes, the mail service provider can pose an issue which is why you should get in touch with us if you don’t get your order within the specified time.
  5. You will be notified about the dispatch of your delivery through an email. The mail will also give you an estimated date for arrival (depending on the courier).
  6. Keep in mind that the delivery dates depend on the mail service provider. Hence there might be some inaccuracies, and you may get your deliveries with slight delays. We do not exercise any control over the shipment speed and are relying on courier services.
  7. You can give a different billing and shipping address when placing your order. It’s vital that the delivery address is valid. DISCLAIMER-Hercules Nutrition does not take any responsibility if the customer made a spelling mistake, provided different door number or decided to leave the parcel in safe place and parcel has gone missing. We follow EXACTLY the instruction given by customer when placing an order.

About Order Placement

  1. Do not forget to read the ordering instructions before you place an order.
  2. The order will not be activated until the payment is processed. The processing commences within a 24h of receiving the payment.
  3. Before the payment is processed, you can cancel the order any time you want. But if your order has been processed, you will need a support ticket for cancellation.
  4. Sometimes, shipments might be delayed due to technical issues and we will do everything what is our power to ship the products as soon as the issue is resolved.
  5. If you mistakenly order some items and don’t notify us in time, we won’t be able to reship the products.
  6. Whenever you receive a shipment from us, you don’t have to notify us about it while we automatically assume that the parcel has been delvered.

About Our Quality

We value our reputation and our customers’ trust more than anything. Hence, we are pretty meticulous with the quality of our products. Here’s what you should know

  • We take all the measures to ensure that only original and high-quality products are available at our store therefore we test all the products and you can access COA’s (Certification of Analysis). All the products you find at Hercules Nutrition adhere to the industry standards. It’s our responsibility to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products in our SARMS store.
  • If you have any concerns about the quality or find anything amiss, report to our customer support team without delay. You can reach out to us via the information on the Contact us Page. Provide us with a detailed description along with images or videos if applicable, and we will take action right away.
  • In case any product you purchase from us triggers an allergic reaction, consult a doctor promptly we ALWAYS advise to check with your doctor if you can consume SARMS as a supplement to your workout and diet regimen. We aren’t qualified to deal with such issues. It’s your responsibility to take note of the ingredients of the products you have ordered and determine if you are allergic to anything. We make it a point to ensure that the products’ packaging includes a list of all the ingredients that form a part of it.

For International Users

We abide by the laws specified by the UK and European legislation. The data we collect from our website are handled as per their rules and regulations. Therefore, even if foreign governments request us, we aren’t liable to release our customers’ confidential details.

It’s up to you to find out whether the products you are purchasing from us are legal in your state or not.

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