Importance of Omega 3 in bodybuilding diet

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Aug 2022

If you want to transform your physique significantly, just forget about the most recent celebrity diet and exercise routines and consult with specialists. Bodybuilders are the true experts in becoming ripped, losing fat, and keeping muscle since they've tried and tested every trick in the book. While no one can deny that it takes enormous effort and dedication, the transformations they can produce are nothing short of surprising.

Speaking of Omega-3, it is pretty famous in the society of bodybuilders and athletes. Omega-3 is generally used to promote cardio, brain, joint, and eye health. Still, bodybuilders and other athletes use this renowned supplement for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Also, some individuals feel it can help with muscle strength, range of motion, and other things.

What is the Omega-3 Fatty Acid?

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and alpha-linolenic acid are the three omega-3 fatty acids (ALA).

Fish contain EPA and DHA. ALA is derived from plants such as walnuts and chia seeds. Because the body must convert ALA to EPA and DHA before it can be used, it is a less efficient source of omega-3. It takes a lot of ALA to produce a small amount of EPA and DHA. The body uses your food's EPA and DHA fatty acids much more easily.

Most people associate omega-3 fatty acids with cardio and brain health, but did you know omega-3s can also play various roles during your workout, from supporting your heart and brain to facilitating recovery? Plus, they can also be beneficial to athletes and those who maintain an active lifestyle.

Fish oil – an essential source of Omega-3s

Fish oil is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Fish oil, as the name implies, is obtained from fish. Our bodies can produce the majority of fatty acids, but not Omega-3. This is why fish oil pills are so popular. Fish oil is mainly extracted from fatty fish tissues like salmon, halibut, mackerel, and herring.

Because of its high fatty acid content, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends eating about 8 ounces of fish per week. Fish oil contains two essential omega-3 fatty acid components: DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid).

DHA and EPA are usually referred to as marine omega-3 fatty acids; however, there are certain plant sources, such as pine nuts, flaxseed, and so on. These are found in only a few types of fish, not all. Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important to human health.

Potential health benefits of Omega-3s in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders take Omega-3-rich fish oil supplements with the faith that they will help them create a lean and defined appearance. While others claim to be drawn to it because of its overall health benefits, this is merely a side benefit for many. Bodybuilders consume fish oil because of its possible impact on body composition.

Some of the potential health benefits of Omega-3s in bodybuilding are:

     1. Helps in muscle building and fuels muscle growth

The key components in omega-3, EPA and DHA have been demonstrated to enhance muscle protein synthesis. This process lets the body convert the protein you ingest into the fuel required for muscle growth.

Omega-3 has also been demonstrated to enhance protein synthesis, which your muscles require to grow and maintain their strength. According to one study, the more omega-3s you take, the greater your chances of growing and sustaining muscle are.

     2. It may reduce muscle soreness

You will likely experience muscle soreness and stiffness after completing an aggressive or unusual training plan. In fact, some persons experience soreness and stiffness 12 to 72 hours after engaging in a novel or intense exercise. This is known as delayed onset muscular pain (DOMS), which is caused by inflammation in your muscle cells.

DOMS is frequent in bodybuilders and can interfere with workout motivation and performance. While massage can help with the symptoms, fish oil can also help because it reduces muscle damage and inflammation induced by a hard resistance training session.

     3. Can prove helpful in enhancing performance

Several studies have shown that the DHA and EPA included in fish oil are beneficial to bodybuilding and athletic performance. This is because their anti-inflammatory characteristics may prevent or mitigate a reduction in strength and range of motion caused by hard exercise. This aids in improving performance in the gym. Another study revealed that eating a low-calorie diet combined with resistance training and frequent fish oil supplementation promotes weight loss and increases lower-body muscle strength.

     4. Assist in preventing muscle loss caused by ageing

It is normal for anyone to lose muscle mass as they become older. After 30, your muscle mass can decrease by 0.1-0.5% per year, accelerating until you reach the age of 65. With age, your sensitivity to resistance exercise and protein consumption decreases, making it difficult to maintain or gain muscle. Omega-3s contain anti-inflammatory characteristics that improve muscle sensitivity to resistance training and protein, allowing for muscular development as you age.

What is cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise – also known as aerobic exercise – is any periodic activity that increases your heart rate. Though some people use cardio only for weight loss, it also offers other advantages.

Cardio can be distinguished from other forms of exercise, such as strength training, as it depends on the capability of your body to use oxygen during the workout session. A person's cardiac ability or capacity might differ depending on various circumstances.

Omega-3s and Cardio

Fish oil mainly contains omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The American Heart Association (AHA) has advocated omega-3 fatty acids from fish and fish oil to decrease cardiovascular (CV) events such as heart attack or stroke in those who already have cardiovascular disease (CVD).

SARMs UK and bodybuilding

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