Stenabolic – SR 9009 (ATHENA)

Suggested Serving: 1-3 CAPSULES
Dietary Supplement: 60 CAPSULES
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SR9009 Stenabolic SARMs Profile

Drug Class: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs)

Half-Life: Approximately 4 to 5 hours

Chemical Formula: C20H34ClN3O4S

Stenabolic, also referred to as SR9009 or Rev-Erba, is a distinct and unique chemical that raises endurance and energy levels of the body and improves overall health and quality of life. It works by increasing the number of mitochondria (a cell powerhouse) in the cells, resulting in better energy production. It was specifically designed for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes to obtain incredible fitness results.

SR9009 Stenabolic has been developed to comprehend the circadian rhythm (a 24-hour day-night cycle of activities of the human body).

What Is SARM?

SARMs described as selective androgen receptor modulators are Androgen receptor agonists, which exert similar effects as androgenic drugs but in a better way. SARMs incite androgen receptors to enhance muscle growth and create anabolic activity. SARMs have been tried to cure many health conditions such as Cachexia, Muscular dystrophy, Osteoporosis, Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Alzheimer’s disease, Breast cancer, and surprisingly they have proven beneficial. SARMs are similar to steroids in their actions and effects, but the tolerability of SARMs is far more excellent than steroids.

How Does Stenabolic Work?

Stenabolic SR9009 SARM binds to androgen receptors present in the muscle. As a result, it increases mitochondria production in the muscle cells, leading to increased energy levels. Also, it stimulates Rev-Erb, a pair of proteins that stabilises the human body’s internal clock activity. These proteins play a vital role in controlling the genes involved in fat burning and energy production in the body.

SR9009 also stimulates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK is an enzyme that controls energy levels and metabolism in the body. Together all these effects lead to greater energy production and increased fat burning.

Are There Any Benefits of Using SR9009 Stenabolic?

As Stenabolic belongs to the family of SARM, it has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of using an anabolic drug owe to its more excellent selectivity and specificity for androgen receptors in the muscles. Some astonishing health benefits of using SR9009 anabolic are as mentioned below:

Preserve Essential Muscle Mass:

The primary purpose of dieting is to lose enough body fat to appear glamorous and trendy but not so much that all your crucial muscles disappear. So, to preserve the essential muscle mass, Stenabolic Sr9009 helps the user minimise muscle loss.

Burning Of Fat:

SR9009 Stenabolic helps stimulate lipolysis (a process of breakdown of fat) in the body, leading to fat burning, which ultimately causes weight loss.

Energy Production:

SR9009 is responsible for the increased production of mitochondria (the primary source of energy production) in the body. So, we can say that it is accountable for the increased energy production in the body.

Increased Endurance:

Stenabolic causes more ATP production in the cells, so it can also increase your body’s strength, resilience and endurance.

Suppress Inflammations:

If you are in pain and having a hard time moving around, Stenabolic SR9009 can help you suppress pain, allowing you to feel better in no time.

Increase Bone Mineral Density:

A recent study on rats dosed with Stenabolic SR9009 for 120 days showed an incredible increase in bone mineral density. So, people who feel pain or weakness in their bones due to some challenging physical exercises can use Stenabolic drugs to reduce their pain. It is also helpful to treat osteoporosis like bone disorders.

How To Take SR9009 Stenabolic UK SARM?

The most frequently asked question: Is there any specific dose for Stenabolic for a particular period? Or can I take SR9009 Stenabolic? Here is your answer:

The suggested dose for SR9009 Stenabolic is 20 to 30 mg per day. It is essential to notice that there is no particular dose for anyone. So, start with a low quantity and increase it gradually as needed.

But pregnant women and those breastfeeding their infants should not take SR9009 Stenabolic drugs in that particular period. And people who are suffering from hypertension should also avoid this supplement. It is better to turn to your doctor if you are new to this supplement or if you already have any disorder.

What Are the Major Side Effects of Using SR9009 Stenabolic?

Excessive use of SR9009 or use for an extended period can show side effects in the users. Some main side effects of using Stenabolic SR9009 are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Excessive use of these SR9009 supplements can cause increased heart rate or other cardiovascular diseases. If someone experiences such an issue, discontinue the use of stenabolic immediately and concern your doctor.
  • Fatigue And Headache: Fatigue and headache are the most common adverse effects of stenabolic SR9009. It might be due to increased energy levels and can be relieved by taking a break from SR9009 Stenabolic.
  • Lethargy: One may also feel lethargy while using stenabolic because SR9009 causes variation in testosterone level in the body, leading to lethargy.

Where Can You Buy SR9009 Stenabolic Online?

UK SARMs like SR9009 Stenabolic can be bought from any online store, but always ensure that you are getting the product from trustworthy retailers.

Be careful while using SR9009 Stenabolic SARM because it can have adverse effects if taken without caution, so you may be in position to contact your UK SARMs store and reach for advise before purchase. If you experience any symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

To conclude, if you and you are planning to buy SARMs UK especially Stenabolic SR9009 then you are in the right spot by visiting our SARMs store. Please do consider everything above before the purchase and if you need any further assistance don’t hesitate and drop us a line and we will be happy to assist to best possible way.


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