Testosterone Booster (MINOTAUR)

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Testosterone Booster for Men

Test Booster or Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement presented by Hercules Nutrition to help you provide enough energy, strength, and stamina to perform remarkably in your bodybuilding training sessions. It contains about 60 capsules; for the best results, you can take 2 capsules orally 1 to 2 times per day.

Let's have a look at all the ingredients of the Testosterone Booster proprietary blend that makes it so unique:

Horny goat weed extract (Epimedium Sagittatum) (Leaf)

Horny goat weed extract is one of the most important ingredients for Testosterone Booster. It is a traditional Chinese therapeutic herb that refers to numerous herb species of the Epimedium Sagittatum genus and is also known as "yin yang huo."

Horny goat weed contains some important chemicals that can help increase blood flow and improve sexual functions. It is used for erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, brittle and weak bones, pain, fatigue, and other sexual dysfunctions.

Other benefits:

Horny goat weed is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), but it also has some other significant benefits. So, it can help you against osteoporosis, hay fever, fatigue, atherosclerosis, cancer, and nerve pain.

So, Hercules Nutrition has added Horny goat weed extract in the Testosterone Booster to help you boost your testosterone levels and give you strength, stamina, and energy to perform best during your bodybuilding training sessions.


Horny goat weed is commonly safe if used for short-term at proper doses but can cause dry mouth, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, upset stomach, nose bleeds, or mood changes in some people. So, to avoid any side effects, you must consult with your physician.

Tongkat Ali powder (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) (root)

Tongkat Ali is an herb that comes from the roots of Southeast Asian Eurycoma longifolia. It has been a part of traditional Southeast Asian herbal remedies. It has an essential role in boosting testosterone levels and male fertility. So, it is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), male infertility, bacterial infections, and fevers.

Other benefits:

Some other benefits of Tongkat Ali are:

  • It contains some chemicals that may act as antioxidants
  • It can relieve stress and reduce anxiety by decreasing the stress hormones in your body
  • Tongkat Ali can improve your body composition and athletic performance
  • It can increase the muscle mass

So, by considering the incredible benefits of Tongkat Ali, Hercules Nutrition added it to their Testosterone Booster.


It is still unknown if it is safe for nursing or pregnant women. To avoid complications, you should consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.

Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens) (fruit)

Saw palmetto, also known as Serenoa repens, is a widely used herbal remedy for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), sexual dysfunctions, and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in males. It improves prostate health and decreases the pressure on the ureters in males.

Saw palmetto also decreases hair loss in males by preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss.

Orchic substance wild yam extract (Dioscorea opposita) (root)

The Orchic substance wild yam has been used as a herbal remedy for many medicinal conditions like menopause symptoms, blood sugar regulation, cramps or muscular pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also influence the production of estrogen or dehydroepiandrosterone hormones in humans, which has many benefits for the body.

Sarsparilla (Smilax glabra roxb) (root)

Sarsaparilla, a plant from the  Smilax glabra, has been used as an herbal remedy for many conditions like healing skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis), cancer, tumors, and some joint issues like arthritis. Sarsaparilla has remarkable blood-purifying properties, which is also thought to cure leprosy.

Sarsaparilla has anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, so it can also help treat many infections and inflammatory conditions. It is considered a safe medicinal herb with no serious risks or side effects.

Nettle Extract (Urtica diolical) (root)

Nettle or Urtica diolical has a significant history as an essential herbal medicine. It is widely used to reduce inflammation and blood pressure and treat osteoarthritis, hay fever, lower back pain, and diabetes. Nettle can also be used for hay fever, urinary tract infection (UTI), prostate hyperplasia, and kidney stones.

Hercules Nutrition added this ingredient to their Test Booster because it contains many essential vitamins (A, C, K, and B), minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous), fats (stearic acid and oleic acid), pigments (carotenoids and beta-carotene), essential amino acids, and polyphenols.

Boron amino acid chelate

Boron is an essential element used to boost testosterone levels in males, reducing menstruation cramps, and treat vaginal fungal infections. It can also improve athletic performance and estrogen levels post-menopause. It can also be used for osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones), osteoarthritis, and many other conditions.


Other ingredients:

Microcrystalline cellulose

Microcrystalline cellulose is refined wood pulp, an inert substance used as an anti-caking agent, an emulsifier, a fat substitute, and a bulking agent in food production. The most common form of microcrystalline cellulose is used in Vitamin tablets or supplements. It is a white and free-flowing powder that is not degraded during digestion. It may provide dietary bulk and lead to a laxative effect if used in large quantities.

Sodium starch glycolate

It is used as a pharmacological grade super-disintegrant excipient to promote the quick dissolution of capsules or tablets. Sodium starch glycolate also absorbs water very rapidly, resulting in swelling and the rapid disintegration of tablets and granules.

Stearic acid

It is also known as Octadecanoic Acid. Stearic acid is a commonly used long-chain fatty acid found in natural vegetable animals and fats in combined form. It is used primarily in producing soaps, detergents, and cosmetics like shaving creams and shampoos.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium Stearate is found in a salt form that is made up of a saturated fat (stearic acid) and the mineral magnesium and is used commonly for its lubricating properties for tablets or capsules. It is a fine powder that may stick to the skin and feel very oily to the touch. It can be derived from both animal and plant sources.


Silica (SiO2) comprises the two most abundant elements in the Earth's crust, silicon, and oxygen. It is used as an anti-foaming agent, dough modifier, food additive, and anti-caking agent. Pharmacologically, it is used as an excipient in vitamins and drugs.