10 Reasons Why Water Is Important In Bodybuilding

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Apr 2022

Water – the primary stuff of life- is all over the earth and your body yet is often ignored. Water is known as the single but most critical nutrient for your body. We have all heard that about 70% of our earth is water, and 65% of our body is solely made up of water. Even after knowing this fact, many people, including bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifters, underestimate the importance of water to survive. This may be because there is a huge gap in the knowledge concerning why appropriate hydration is important for health, fitness, and competitive success. So, in this article, you will learn why water is important in bodybuilding.

Water and Human body:

As you know that about 65% of the human body is made up of water but did you know that a human brain is composed of about 95% water? And human blood is 82% water, and even lungs are about 90% water? Clearly, this shows the importance of water for your brain to work correctly and your lungs to breathe normally.

If you don’t stay hydrated and even only a 2% drop in body water can cause a minor but critical shrinkage of your brain, which can decrease your ability to concentrate, weaken neuromuscular coordination, and ultimately slow thinking. Not only the proper functioning of the brain, but dehydration can also decrease your body strength, reduce endurance, slow muscular response, and cause cramping.

Why is proper hydration necessary?

Proper hydration is vital for survival, maintaining healthy blood flow, adequate electrolyte (sodium or potassium) balance, proper renal function, and proper digestive functions. So, if you are building your body and your training intensity is high, one of the humblest things you can do for your body is to drink more water, as water is needed for every single metabolic process in your body, including protein synthesis. Or, if you ignore your bodily water requirement, you may feel fatigued all the time, as slight dehydration is one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue.

Ten Reasons Why Water Is Important In Bodybuilding

There may be many reasons or facts about the importance of water for your body. But there are ten main reasons why water is important in bodybuilding.

Water helps in building muscles.

Weightlifting can help your body grow muscles, but if your body is not appropriately hydrated, your muscle growth will worsen. Water helps form the structures of proteins, which are necessary for muscle growth. Water is needed to transport nutrients to your cells and transport waste products out of your body.

Water is needed to flex or even move your muscles. Dehydration can cause a loss of fluids, and your muscles will be deprived of electrolytes, and thus energy in your body becomes too low, making it harder for you to lift the weight or even flex your muscles properly. Therefore it is vital to stay hydrated to build muscle and practice ideal performance in the gym.

Water helps metabolize fat

Water helps the liver metabolize fat for energy, and so water can reduce the feelings of hunger. If your water intake is not enough, your kidneys won’t function properly, and some of a load of kidneys will be transferred to the liver, and then your liver won’t be able to burn fats properly.

Hydration reduces fatigue

Water is the primary medium in which all energy reactions occur. Undoubtedly, water does not provide energy in the same way as the macros like carbohydrates and fat do. Still, it plays an essential role in energy conversion and reduces fatigue. Dehydration will make you feel lethargic, your endurance and strength performance will suffer, and you may experience cramping.

Water prevents muscle breakdown.

Preventing muscle breakdown is very crucial at the very early stages of bodybuilding. Whether you are a passionate athlete or just a bodybuilder, proper hydration is the key. Only well-hydrated muscle cells can prevent muscle breakdown after intense workouts. Active hydration includes the consumption of not only water but more essential nutrients. Hydration guarantees the maintenance of your body’s temperature and lubricates your joints, thus helping to transport the nutrients to the entire body and keeping you healthy.

Water maintains the muscle pump.

When you do your routine workouts, your muscles undergo contractions, water is driven from the blood into your muscles, and your muscles swell. But if you are not well-hydrated, your body won’t be able to maintain blood pressure and circulation while working out.

Water helps your supplements work properly.

Some supplements like SARMs work because they pull water in muscle cells and create an anabolic environment needed for proper growth. If you’re using SARMs UK for gaining muscles and burning fats effectively, you should certainly need to drink plenty of water to help them work effectively, but if you’ve never used SARMs and are planning to buy one, you can give a chance to Hercules Nutrition, which offers best SARMs for sale online.

Water clears out toxins.

Water is essential to flush out all the toxins and other metabolic waste from your body. But if you’re taking a protein-rich diet, water is especially necessary for you to remove excess nitrogen, urea, and ketones from your body.

Water helps in weight loss.

Water can suppress hunger naturally and increase the body’s ability to break down the stored fat, thus increasing the fat-burning process, resulting in weight loss. A decrease in water intake will increase fat deposits in your body, which results in weight gain.

Proper hydration speeds up recovery.

Proper hydration is vital to speed up recovery, maintain proper functioning of muscles, and detoxification. A well-hydrated body helps to increase your body endurance and stamina. At the same time, dehydration can make it challenging to stay consistent while training by causing muscle soreness.

Water gives you enough energy for a workout.

It is known that your body needs a lot of fluid to stay active and energetic while doing intense workout sessions for bodybuilding. Your body needs glycogen to get the energy and stamina for the exercise, as it gets worn out faster, hindering your nervous system’s proper functioning. Proper hydration gives you enough power for intense training and prevents exhaustion and fatigue after your workout sessions. So, drinking water or other sports drink is essential to avoid muscle loss.

You can also use the SARMs as supplements to help you give the best performance during your workout sessions. SARMs UK is quite popular among weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes because of its exclusive abilities to help you build muscle mass, cutting or burning fats with much fewer side effects than steroids on your body. If you plan to buy SARMs UK, Hercules Nutrition might be a perfect choice for you as it offers the best UK SARMs for sale with the best quality products.


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