5 Best Chest Exercises

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Jun 2022

Some people exercise to maintain their body shape and stay fit, and some do it to wake the beast inside them and stay strong and tough. Chest exercises have been most widespread among those who want to look robust and tough because chest muscles are usually considered a crucial part of strength anatomy. These muscles are referenced when someone debates about your upper body strength, like someone may ask you: “How much can you bench, bro?”. What would you possibly answer him?

Chest muscles are the ones on which the powerlifters rely for the bench press to score the highest lift. These muscles are not only crucial for weightlifting or bench pressing, but they are also extremely important from a functional perspective because they support the movement of the upper limbs (arms).

What are the muscles of the chest?

The chest is primarily made up of about four muscles that the bodybuilders opt to build. These four chest muscles are:

•    Pectoralis Major: It is a unique, fan-shaped, thick, and triangular convergent muscle having two heads— the sternocostal head and the clavicular head. Pectoralis major lies under the breast and makes up most of the chest muscles.
•    Pectoralis Minor:  it is situated beneath the pectoralis major in the upper part of the chest. Pectoralis minor is a thin and triangular muscle whose job is to stabilize the shoulder blade by pulling it forward and down against the rib cage (protraction of the shoulder blade). It also has a role in respiration.
•    Serratus Anterior: it has a sawlike origination on top of the first eight ribs. And is located on each side of the chest with insertions along the shoulder blade. The serratus anterior muscle provides stability to the shoulder during pushing movements.
•    Subclavius: it is a lesser-known accessory and small triangle shaped muscle located between the clavicle and the first rib. The subclavius muscle is primarily involved in respiration (breathing).

Best chest exercises

You can find dozens of chest exercises all over the internet, but the real struggle is finding the best fit for you to build a muscular chest. You might need a proper diet, supplements, and ample sleep to get the best results. Considering bodybuilding supplements, there are a lot of them on the market, but which to choose for you is the real struggle.

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These are the 5 best chest exercises:

Incline push up

Incline push-up is a pretty good warmup to prepare the chest for work and is supportive in preventing injury before workout sessions.

How to do:

•    Fix your hands on the wall on a countertop height surface.
•    Walk your feet back to make an angle of 45 degrees of your body with the floor.
•    Keep your spine neutral and your body straight, and lower your chest to the surface you are inclining against.
•    Gap for an instant and return to the starting position.

Barbell flat bench press

A barbell flat bench press is a typical chest exercise. Bodybuilders use it to build up their pecs and increase their chest size and muscle strength.

How to do:

•    Chose a bench, lay down on it, arch your back a little, and fix your feet on the floor.
•    To enhance the stability and strength of your upper back, pull your shoulder blades together.
•    Clutch the bar and squeeze the hand to flex the arm significantly and grip muscles.
•    With the weight unafflicted, pull the barbell to the body to touch the base of the chest.
•    Press the weight upwards while ensuring that your back is tight and shoulder blades are pulled together.


Push-up is a typical exercise famous among everyone who aims to build their chest muscles.

How to do:

•    You can begin it on your hands and knees and then step back into a plank position.
•    Your hands must be more comprehensive than your shoulders, and your legs should be straight with your quads so that your hamstrings muscles should be involved and your spine stays neutral.
•    Curve your elbows at a 45-degree angle to lower your chest toward the floor by keeping a straight line from head to heel.
•    Try to go low as much as you can without losing the alignment of your spine and pelvis and your core support.
•    Now, press your chest away from the ground until your elbows are straight, and repeat.

Cable iron cross

Generally, the iron cross is a gymnastics standard, but it can be great for strong chest development when performed in a cable tree. This helps to stretch your chest muscles. It enables chest muscles to go through a more extensive range of motion for better chest building potential.

How to do:

•    Set handles of the cable machine at both ends at the highest level.
•    Stand in the centre with a stunning posture and take hold of both the handles.
•    Lean your torso forward by keeping your spine neutral and slightly bending your elbows.
•    Pull both handles down by keeping your core tight and squeeze the chest muscles at the end of the movement.

Chest dip

Chest dip is a relatively simple and typical chest exercise.

How to do:

•    Stand by facing the two parallel bars and hold them, palms facing in.
•    Straighten your elbows and lift your body to be in line with your hands.
•    Now, while bending your elbows, try to lower your chest toward your hands.
•    Pause for a moment, press back to the start position, and repeat.

Things to avoid during chest exercise

You should avoid the following most common training mistakes:

1.    Going too heavy too speedily.
2.    Doing too many different exercises in one workout session.
3.    Using improper procedure and exercise techniques.

Exercise and SARMs

Bodybuilding isn’t all about exercising, so you can’t build all the muscle by relying on your workout sessions. You certainly need a proper plan for bodybuilding which should include your exercise routine, gym training, weightlifting, healthy diet, and some dietary or nutritional supplements. Speaking of supplements, SARMs is widespread among bodybuilders, trainers, and athletes.

The most common question that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about SARMs UK is: Are SARMs legal in the UK? Well, SARMs are undoubtedly legal to sell in the UK, but they can increase the rate of many life-threatening disorders in their users.

From where can you buy SARMs UK?

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