How Can SARMs Help You In Losing Weight?

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Apr 2022

You might be familiar with the word SARMs which is typically used alongside muscle gain, fat burning, and weight loss. SARMs are the emerging class of drugs that is common and eminent among those who want to build muscle mass and weight loss. In this article, you will learn about SARMs, how they can help you lose weight and the best SARMs UK for weight loss.

What are SARMs? 

SARMs are the newest bodybuilding drug class called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Just like steroids, SARMs, on entering the body, bind to the androgen receptors, but unlike steroids, SARMs are tissue-selective. The tissue selectivity and fewer side effects profile makes SARMs a better choice. The emergence of SARMs UK has increased in the recent five years. It is no doubt that it is legal to buy SARMs UK, but their use in humans may cause complications.

How can SARMs help you in losing weight?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs bind and selectively activate androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue only because of their tissue selectivity. After stimulating the receptors, they control and modulate the messages to boost your body to increase muscle mass and cut (weight loss).

Some SARMs are unique to tell the body to burn fat rather than muscle and glucose, and for this reason, they are used against muscle-wasting disorders in people who would typically be in a calorie deficit. So, SARMs can help such people build up strength by stopping muscle wasting.

What are the best SARMs UK for weight loss?

You might be planning to use some supplements for weight loss because getting your hands on fat loss products that really deliver is much impossible. But most of those supplements do not do much at all, or some simply don’t work, and you end up paying a lot of money without witnessing any results. But if you have planned on giving a try to SARMs UK for weight loss, congrats, you have come to such a strategy that can work brilliantly along with the struggle in the gym.

There is a diversity of SARMs in the market, and most of you look confused about what to choose. Before you buy SARMs UK, you must know that different SARMs have different dominant actions. For instance, some SARMs are best for muscle mass gaining, some good for strength for workouts, and some are best for weight loss or cutting. So, the best SARMs UK for cutting are:

  • Ostarine or MK-2866
  • Ligandrol or LGD-4033
  • Andarine S4
  • Cardarine or GW-501516
  • Stenabolic SR-9009

Ostarine and Ligandrol are most commonly used because of their best results with fewer side effects. If you want to buy SARMs UK, Hercules Nutrition might be the best match for you since it has been acknowledged as the best SARMs UK store that provides the best quality products. These SARMs use different mechanisms of action to stimulate your body to burn fat before glucose and muscles and allow you to work harder and increase your energy outflow. Let’s have a look at these SARMs UK one by one: 

Ligandrol or LGD-4033

Ligandrol was first developed as an agent to prevent muscle wasting in aged people. Later on, upon further testing and clinical trials, it also proved effective in elderly patients recovering from a fractured hip, fighting against cancer, and providing good strength and muscle tissue maintenance in the aged ones. But its ability to aid in the growth of lean muscle mass and weight loss is the primary reason behind its popularity among bodybuilders and athletes.

Uses of Ligandrol:

Ligandrol has exclusive uses, and its least side effects far outweigh steroids, just like other SARMs. Some of the uses of Ligandrol are:

  • Weight loss: Ligandrol is most effective in weight loss (cutting) or reducing body fats by stimulating lipolysis. It also brightly affects the body’s overall energy level, making it comfortable for you to participate in physical activities without experiencing fatigue.
  • Increase Muscle Mass: Ligandrol has the ability to build muscle mass by enhancing protein synthesis. It also helps prevent muscle breakdown because prevention of muscle breakdown is equally as important as building new muscle mass.
  • Increase body stamina: Ligandrol also increases the body’s endurance, stamina, and strength as it has the potency similar to steroids but with the least side effects.
  • Other benefits: Ligandrol doesn’t cause hair loss, acne, and testicle shrinking.

Side effects of Ligandrol:

  • Ligandrol may cause nausea and headache.
  • It can cause lethargy and fatigue in its users.
  • It may also have some adverse effects on male fertility.
  • It may also increase the risk for stroke, heart attack, and liver failure.

Ostarine or MK-2866

Ostarine is known as the original and classic member of the SARMs family. It was developed first to extend the lives of people suffering from muscle wasting disorders. Ostarine is slightly androgenic, and it stimulates the body to burn fat first and maintain muscle mass.

Uses of Ostarine:

  • Ostarine is a SARM that has a significant ability to help the body burn fat and ultimately weight loss.
  • It can markedly improve lean body mass and thus can help people against muscle wasting disorders, cachexia, or muscular dystrophy.
  • Ostarine can increase the bones’ mineral density and may prove effective against osteoporosis (brittle and weak bones).

Side effects of Ostarine:

  • Ostarine can cause a decrease in HDL levels and increase the risk of heart diseases.
  • It can cause bone and joints pain.
  • It can cause acne
  • Ostarine may also increase the risk for stroke and liver damage.

Andarine or S4

Andarine was first developed to help against muscle wasting and osteoporosis in the elderly. Later on, it became famous for its muscle-building and fat-burning properties among athletes and bodybuilders.

Uses of Andarine are:

  • It increases the muscle mass
  • Andarine helps burn fat and thus in weight loss
  • Andarine fights against osteoporosis (weak bones)
  • It also makes the bones strong and healthy.

Side effects of Andarine:

  • Andarine may cause baldness in males.
  • It may cause night blindness.
  • It decreases the level of testosterone in the body and causes lethargy.
  • It may also increase the risk of a heart attack.

Where to buy SARMs UK?

If you want to buy the best SARMs UK for weight loss, you should give a chance to Hercules Nutrition because it is a well-known and legitimate online store that offers the best-quality SARMs UK for sale legally at affordable prices.


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